The Importance of a Word

What is in a word? What does a word represent? And is it simply a way to communicate a solitary idea or is it something more?

In today’s news, President Trump (Yeah, I know, another f***ing politically frustrated individual publishing a BS rant) made what is most aptly called a Freudian slip by saying that he bombed “Iraq” instead of Syria in an interview with a FOX affiliate. So what is the point. Well in case it isn’t clear, the U.S. has a rather uncomfortable history and involvement into the affairs of the Iraqi government. Between the war that lasted eight years too long and the fact that Trump is the f***ing Commander in Chief, I am a bit concerned. In fact, he had more to say about the chocolate cake he was no doubt being spoon fed by Xi Jinping than he did about the worthless airstrike in Syria. Fricken Sweet.

Because this is the first post, I’d like to clarify a few things. I am not a bleeding heart, gender non-descript, vegan liberal but I am by no means a conservative. I’m apart of the self prescribed generation of moderates unable to commit to anything for fear we have to defend our beliefs one day. The most apt term to use for my political stance is realist. Yeah, the far left’s view of political correctness has only achieved the perfect amount of passivity to lose all branches of government yet the alt. right has only achieved a backlash in “Dear White People” esque netflix shows and s***ty Pepsi commercials.

I’ll end with this, dear alt. right I agree with you on certain principles of not being so passive and polite all the time. God forbid, conservative economic policies may be worth a shot. But is it really worth furthering your political grip with an aging homophobic overripe carrott? Seriously? Undoubtedly losing your child like grip on the presidency. You just opened a big f***ing door for an army of Bernie Sanders remakes.